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Filelist Creator: Change File Size Format
I am using the FilelistCreator for creating some lists of...
Question | 1 Answer
Find fixed width Fonts on the Computer
I have installed very much system fonts on my computer. So many, that I have lost the overview a long time ago. It becomes...
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Create random Words from specific Syllables
I am searching for a tool that can create readable random words. Up to now, I have only found creators which do not allow any...
Tutorial | 0 Comments
Change File Extension Writing of many Files
I have a collection of countless files with file extensions that are written quite confused. For example, some files are...
Tutorial | 0 Comments
Search and Replace in File Names
I have a great number of files and folders and I would like to replace some text in their names with some other text. The...
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Release of Debian Packages, RPM Packages and Binaries for Linux
After I have published the first of my programs for the...
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Stefan Trost: Just click on the button "Options" behind "Size". There you can find some settings for this column. By default, the "Unit" is set to...
Question | Filelist Creator: Change File Size Format
Stefan Trost: Yes, the FileRenamer can do that. You can use placeholders for that. A complete list of all placeholders for the File Renamer can be found...
Question | Rename Files from their Dates
Stefan Trost: You can do that using regular expressions. Just use the function...
Question | Rewrite Text File: Add Points between arbitrary Numbers (010516 -> 01.05.16)
Stefan Trost: That is possible using the following settings in the application: Ensure to check "Digrams" or "Trigrams" in "Settings >...
Question | Count all Digrams and Trigrams of a Text including not occuring Syllables
Stefan Trost: The specification in the field "Length of Words" is not just referring to the length of the created words measured in characters or...
Question | WordCreator: Words with too many characters are created
Stefan Trost: There are two reasons why your solution is not working: The name of the constant is %file%, you are using the placeholder %File%...
Question | Insert File Name at the beginning of each Line of a Text File

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Rename File to its Folder Name
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