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Delphi: Hide Files

Question by Guest | 2012-09-17 at 21:00

I need a Delphi code to hide a file. Is that possible with Delphi?

It would be helpful, because otherwise, I have to click on each file individually with my mouse to select "hidden". So, hiding would be really easier by using Delphi.

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That is possible with Delphi.

Just try out the following code:

FileSetAttr('C:\dat.txt', faHidden);

With this, you hide the file "dat.txt".

Alternatively you can also take the following code to hide the file:

fname := 'C:\dat.txt';  //fname is a string variable

if (FileGetAttr(fname) and faHidden) > 0 then
  FileSetAttr(fname, FileGetAttr(fname) xor faHidden);

And the following to undo the invisibility again:

FileSetAttr(fname, FileGetAttr(fname) or faHidden);

If you are using the two last codes, any other file attributes (such as read-only) will be kept. The first method, however, overwrites any other former attributes of the file.
2012-09-17 at 22:37

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Here is another of my articles on the same subject:

Change file attributes of files in Delphi

In this tip, I explain all types of file attributes, which can be changed with the help of Delphi.
2012-09-19 at 19:11

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