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HTML: Invisible Delimiter

Question by Guest | 06.12.2012 at 22:46

In one of my HTML documents, several times, there is a very long word. This word is not separeated by the browser, so that it shoots the text and my design.

Now, I need an opportunity using HTML or CSS to tell the browser that it can separate that word at a certain (given) position, if necessary. If it is not necessary, no delimiter should be used and the word should be displayed normally without any line breaks within.

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What you are looking for is called "soft separator" or "soft hyphen". In HTML, "soft hyphen" is abbreviated with "shy" and you can use this delimiter by typing ­ into your HTML code:


In this example, we have marked the points at which a separation is allowed, with "­". If a break is neccessary at this point, a dash appears and the word is wrapped. If there is no break, the word remains as it is and the delimiter remains invisible.
07.12.2012 at 17:36

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