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Lazarus: Enter Binary Numbers using Zeros and Ones directly in the Code

Question by Guest | 2014-02-02 at 21:33

Currently, I am writing a program in which I need to perform some calculations. Because of the numbers and values ​​used, the easiest way for me would be to enter the values not as an integer but directly as a binary number.

So, I would like to enter the 1s and 0s such as the computer is calculating internally (for example "101001" + "100010") directly in my code.

Is there any way to do that? Some of my recent attempts were not crowned with any success, I only got compiler errors.

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Yes. This is possible without any problems. Numbers that are given in binary format are marked with a preceding %:

  k: integer;
  k := 10 + %1010;
  // k has the value 20

So, instead of the decimal number 10, you can also write %1010 and combine those binary values with integers. In the example above, we add the integer value 10 to the binary number 1010 and obtain 20 as a result.

For more information, check out the article about the input of binary numbers, hexadecimal numbers and integers in Lazarus, I have just written after you have brought me with your question to that idea. 
2014-02-03 at 16:46

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