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Delphi: Password Edit

Tip by Delphian | 28/12/2012 at 15:18

If you want to implement a login area in your Delphi program, it is handy to design the box for entering the password like a password input field in the browser: That is, the input characters are not displayed in clear text. Instead asterisks or dots are shown.

For the realization of such a project, we need no special component in Delphi, we can just take our normal TEdit to mask the input, that provides already the PasswordChar property innately:

// normal display in plain text
Edit1.PasswordChar := #0;
// input is masked with *
Edit1.PasswordChar := '*';
// input is masked with a point
Edit1.PasswordChar := #180;

You can easily set this property by using the Object Inspector or the code above. The character #0 (default value) ensures that the input is shown in plain text. All other characters except #0 lead that this specified character is displayed instead of the characters entered. In the example, we show this for the asterisk '*' and the center point (that has the value #180). Of course, you can also use any other character you want to use as a mask.

Internally and in the code, the value of the edit can simply be used and processed as usual with Edit1.Text.


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