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Some posts are so interesting and so popular that it would be a shame to publish them only in the German or only in the English version of Askingbox. That's why we give our users the opportunity to publish their contributions in both languages.

If users should not publish a translated version of their contribution within one month after publishing their original contribution, we reserve the right to create an automatic translation. Such translated contributions are announced under the name "Translated Content".

If you have answered a question in one language and you would like to post your answer also in another language, you can do two things: Either you can post your answer simply as a new tip or a new article in the other language, or you can write to the questioner or to us, so that the question can also be translated into the different language.

After a question is translated, you have one week to create a translated version of your answer. Otherwise, we reserve the right to translate the answer automatically.


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