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When compiling the information contained on our website, the greatest care has been applied. However, we cannot assume any warranty for the information available on this website including their availability, correctness, completeness, accuracy, quality, timeliness, suitability, legal applicability, helpfulness, effectiveness, security and usability. We do not assume any warranty or liability for that this website meets your requirements and expectations as well as for the results and consequences arising from using this website or arising from the application of the contents and information of this website. Any liability for losses and damages arising from the use of the information is, insofar permitted by law, excluded.

Please note, that for websites and Internet services, interruptions, failures and breakdowns can never be excluded. Therefore, this website is always offered subject to the reservation of availability. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for that this website is always available reliable, error-free, secure, trouble-free, on time and without interruption. Particularly, we do not assume any liability for interruptions, failures and/or breakdowns of devices of third parties and for other areas that are beyond our control and our responsibility. However,we also reserve the right to take this website offline for an indefinite period of time, for example, to perform maintenance operations.

All information and data contained on our website can be changed without prior notice and is provided without obligation. Thereby, we do not incur any debts. The contents and information of this website are not verified by independent instances. They are only intended to provide general information and entertainment and they are no substitute for professional advice. Therefore, you should use the information only with caution, using common sense and in doubt, only after an independent professional review. We reserve the right to change information without prior notice.

Contributions by Users

We do not assume any warranty and guarantee for contents contributed by users (independent from whether the corresponding user is registered or not) and we are neither responsible nor can we be held responsible for user content. We are indemnified by you from any loss or damage arising within the context of user contents. This applies in particular but not exclusively, for cases in which contributions from users violate applicable law (for example infringements of copyright, trademarks or personal rights of third parties). Each user is solely responsible for its contributions.

The opinion represented in the contributions is solely the opinion of the corresponding user and does not necessarily reflect our opinion and view on the corresponding subject. Please note that contributions of users cannot replace professional advice and may not be understood in terms of professional advice.

Please note, that a continuous and periodic monitoring of the contents, information and contributions posted by our users is not possible for us and such a control is also not reasonable with no evidence of a violation of law. Regarding this, we also point to §7 German Tele Media Act (Telemediengesetz, TMG). As service provider in terms of §8, §9 and §10 TMG, we are not obligated to monitor transmitted or stored information of third parties or to search for circumstances which indicate illegal activities. Obligations to the removal or blockage of the use of information according to the general laws remain untouched from this, even in the case of non-responsibility. As soon as we are aware of such infringements, we will remove the respective contents immediately.

Regarding this, please refer also to the section Contributions by Users.

This website contains links to external websites and services of third parties on whose contents we do not have any influence. Therefore, we can not accept any responsibility and liability for these external contents as well as for possible changes to these contents. For the contents of linked websites, only their operators are responsible. This declaration applies to all links and references included within our own Internet offers as well as to entries by third parties in guest books, discussion forums, link directories, mailing lists and in all other forms of database to which external write access is enabled, in particular such as subjects, questions, answers, comments, messages and member profiles as well as all other contents and contributions by users.

For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents of external websites and especially for losses and damages resulting from the use or disuse of contents of external websites, only the provider of the respective website is liable, not the one, who only refers to the respective website by using links.

A permanent control of the contents of linked websites is not possible. Therefore, we ask you to inform us immediately about any links referring to illegal contents, so that we can remove the respective links.

Copyrights and Trademarks

This website contains and is mainly composed of works of personal intellectual creation (texts, images, graphics, audio clips, video clips, computer programs, codes, compositions, implemented ideas and so on) in the sense of the German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz, UrhG). These works are intellectual property/copyrighted works of Stefan Trost Media, his suppliers or the respective author/user. It is neither allowed to copy, pass, imitate or to use these works wholly or partially nor to use them in any other than the intended purpose unless there is an explicit written permission to do so. Other applicable rights of this website remain unaffected from this.

All rights, including translation, reproduction and copying of the contents of this website or any part of it are reserved. Without explicit written permission of Stefan Trost Media or the respective author, it is not allowed to reproduce, publish or distribute the contents of this website in any form or to process, copy or distribute the contents of this website using electronic systems. We reserve the right to pursue legal infringements.

The usual electronic processing by search engines is excluded from this and expressly welcome. Also excluded are all cases that are expressly permitted by the German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz, UrhG).

All participants are endeavored to respect the copyrights of the works used in their publications, use their own works or use public domain works. If you should, despite this obligation, become aware of any copyright infringement, we ask you to inform us accordingly. Details on the procedure and how to report suspected violations of your rights are specified in the imprint of Askingbox. As far as the allegations prove to be demonstrably justified, Stefan Trost Media will remove the concerned content immediately.

All brand labels and trademarks, which are mentioned on this website and possibly protected by third parties, are subject without restriction to the provisions of the applicable trademark law and the property rights of the respective registered owners. The mere mentioning of a brand label or a trademark does not imply that the brand label or trademark is not protected by third-party rights!

All rights not expressly granted are reserved by Stefan Trost Media, its respective supplier or the respective author.

Third Party Offers

This website can contain offers for products and/or services from partner companies or third parties. If you make use of such offers, a contractual relationship is concluded exclusively between you and the respective supplier of the offer. Please note, that for such offers other terms and conditions can apply. Information about that are typically attached in the form of a separate contract or separate terms to the respective offers. Stefan Trost Media assumes no guarantee and is not liable for the suppliers of such external offers.

For all linked or embedded plug-ins, services, libraries, scripts and codes from third parties on this website, the licensing is not with Stefan Trost Media, but with the third party, that is also responsible for any resulting claims and warranties.

Terms of Use

Please note that the use of Askingbox is subject to our Terms of Use.

Data Privacy Statement

In our Data Privacy Statement, we inform you about the nature, scope, purpose and legal basis of the collection, processing, storage, use and disclosure of your personal data. Additionally, we inform you about your rights regarding data protection and we inform you about how long we store personal data. You can retrieve our Data Privacy Statement on this page.

Data Usage

The use of the data published in the context of the imprint or in the context of comparable circumstances (for instance contact data like postal addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses) for the sending of unsolicited information (especially advertising) by third parties is not permitted. Likewise, it is not allowed to pass the data to third parties for whatever reason or purpose. We reserve the right to take legal steps in the event of a nonobservance with these prohibitions, for instance against the sender of spam e-mails.

If provisions of these notes are found void or unenforceable in whole or in part or provisions of these notes will lose their legal effect or feasibility, the validity of the remaining provisions of these notes are not affected. The same applies to loopholes in this contract.

Applicable law is the law of the federal republic of Germany. Jurisdiction is Bottrop, Germany. In any case, the legal language is German. In any case, the legal basis is the German document, even if the document is also made available in other languages.

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