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Welcome to the portal About Askingbox. Here it is all about the page askingbox.com itself.

On the one hand, we want to use this portal to introduce ourselves and to present some news, changes or functions of Askingbox. On the other hand, we are also looking forward for your input: Do you want to tell us something, do you or have suggestions for improvement or what do you miss on askingbox.com?

Just open a new topic in this portal or write to us directly. We will care about your needs as soon as possible.

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AskingBox becomes Responsive
Today the time has come: AskingBox as our first major web project becomes responsive! This step was planned for a long time,...
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How can I contribute without paying any money?
I am on Social Security Disability and right now I have a $1.00 in my checking account and have no money until next week. All my...
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Your questions about Askingbox
We want to use this info to collect your questions. Your questions about Askingbox generally, your questions about the use of...
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The Askingbox Search
On the site askingbox.com/search you can find a search function making it possible to search all...
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Advertising on askingbox.com
Our service and portal askingbox.com is financed in large part by advertising. Therefore we are always looking for advertising...
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Simply select a Category for a new Askingbox Topic
If you want to post a new topic, it is sometimes a bit difficult to find the correct category for the...
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AskingBox Moderation: What do you mean with "How can I use your site without contributing money"? Do you mean AskingBox with "your site"? AskingBox is a...
Question | How can I contribute without paying any money?

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The Askingbox Search
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