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Firefox: 15 useful keyboard shortcuts no one knows

Article by Computer Expert | 2013-10-11 at 13:09

Keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+P for printing a website or CTRL+F for searching for words on a page in Firefox are well known. But what I would like to show you today are 15 interesting and useful keystroke combinations making browsing the web faster.

  1. CTRL + J: Shows window with your downloads.
  2. F11: Swaps into full screen mode and shows website on the whole screen.
  3. CTRL + K: Jumps to the Search Bar where you can directly search, for example, using Google or Wikipedia.
  4. ALT + Up / ALT + Down:  ALT and your up or down key to select one of the search engines that are available.
  5. ESC: The ESC key aborts loading a page. If the page is already loaded, the ESC key prevents annoying blinking GIF animations from being longer played.
  6. Apostrophe ': Open the search field like CTRL + F but only searches in the texts of the links.
  7. CTRL + W or CTRL + F4: Closes the current tab.
  8. CTRL + D: Saves the current tab as bookmark.
  9. CTRL + Shift + D: Saves all current tabs as bookmarks.
  10. CTRL + 9: Jumps to the last open tab. CTRL and the keys for 1 to 8 can be used to jump to the first 8 open tabs.
  11. CTRL and +/-: Using CTRL and + you can zoom in a web page, with CTRL and - you can zoom out of a website.
  12. CTRL + 0: Resets the zoom of a website.
  13. CTRL + Enter: Completes a .com web address. A .net can be completed with Shift + Enter, a .org adress with CTRL + Shift + Enter.
  14. CTRL + Shift + V: While CTRL + V inserts a text with formatting, you can insert a text in plain text with holding the Shift key while pressing CTRL + V.
  15. CTRL + Shift + A: Opens the overview over your installed Add-Ons.

And which of these shortcuts did you already know?


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