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Note that anybody – regardless of his qualifications – can write contributions on and we do not verify the information contained in the contributions. We expressly point out that we cannot verify these contributions particularly on their completeness, accuracy, quality, timeliness, suitability, legality, safety and/or usefulness. The information will never be as current as the date on which you retrieve the information. We assume no obligation to keep the information up to date.

The opinion represented in the contributions is solely the opinion of the corresponding user and does not necessarily reflect our or the opinion and view of on the corresponding subject. We do not assume any warranty and guarantee for the contributions of users and we are neither responsible nor can we be held responsible for the content of user contributions. In particular, but not exclusively, we do not assume any warranty, guarantee or liability for any advice, diagnosis, treatment proposal, comment and/or suggestion of medical, psychological, legal, sanitary, medicinal, factual, technical, financial or other kind that may be found within user contributions independent of type and subject of the contribution and we are indemnified by you from any loss or damage arising within this context. If you do not agree with this, you may not use the services and content of and you should now leave and no longer visit

Please note that contributions from users cannot replace professional advice and may not be understood in terms of professional advice. This applies in particular, but not exclusively, to the contributions about health, medicine, psychology, law, engineering, finance and taxation, where the respective contributions should not be understood in terms of a professional medical, psychological, technical, legal and/or financial advice. Therefore, you should not use for emergencies and not as a substitute for professional advice of any kind.

We expressly point out that contributions on the topics of health, medicine and psychology, should not be used for diagnosis, treatments, cures or prevention of disease without the supervision of a medical, physician or therapist. In addition, contributions on legal topics cannot replace legal advice and contributions on financial and fiscal issues cannot replace investment advice, tax advice or any other form of financial advice.

Therefore, you should use the information contained in the contributions only after an independent professional review and using of common sense. In all cases and for each topic and subject on, we recommend a professional advice from a trained and competent specialist for the corresponding subject.

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