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Engine oil: Why does the engine of my car need oil?

Info by FastDriver | 2011-11-13 at 18:58

Every car needs periodic oil changes and also in between, from time to time, the oil for the engine has to be refilled. But why?

In a car engine, the oil has several tasks. First, you must be aware that an engine consists of many moving parts made ​​of metal. Without the oil, these parts would rub against each other and at some time, they would cant. The engine would be destroyed. Only because of the oil lubricates these parts, the engine is able to run smoothly and the metal parts do not have a large abrasion.

In addition to this task as a lubricant, the oil also provides a seal for the small spaces in the engine block, for example, between the pistons and cylinders. Additionally, the oil has a cleansing effect, it ensures that the engine is cleaned of residues and protects against corrosion. Recently, the oil also plays an important role in regulating the temperature. Without the oil, the temperature in the engine block would be far too high. Usually, the cooling is the task of the refrigerant, but the refrigerant can not reach all the engine parts, which can be reached by the oil.

The demands on the engine oil are high because the oil must remain functional under all conditions in order to protect the engine. Even if it is extremely cold, the oil must remain as smoothly as possible in order to quickly get to all the important places and to facilitate the starting of the motor. But even with a large outdoor temperature, the oil must retain its properties and the film of oil in the engine should not separate. Otherwise, the engine would be destroyed quickly.

For these reasons, it is absolutely necessary to refill and change the oil regularly. Because who wants to put his engine on the line?


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