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Show HTML Source Code in Mobile Android Browser

Info by Anja Proggy | Last update on 2023-01-29 | Created on 2014-06-11

As web developer, of course, I am constantly interested in the source code behind, when discovering and exciting website. And not only when sitting at the desktop computer at home!

Also when surfing the web on my smartphone, sometimes, I would like to have a look at the sources.

First, I thought, that this is not possible. I thought, the developers of the smartphone browsers are not providing any possibility to glance at the HTML. Of course, this would fit the current development making the user more and more unaware of the technical details, but I have nevertheless found some solutions. Here are the possibilities.


For the mobile Android Firefox browser, there is the convenient extension "View Source Mobile" available. After you have installed this Add-On, the normally menu is extended by the entry "View Source". Here is the link to this Add-On.


It is also possible to show the HTML source code using the mobile Chrome browser. Just add "view-source:" to the normal URL in the address bar. For example, "view-source:http://www.example.com" to show the HTML of "example.com". This trick is also working in Firefox, Syntax-Highlighting included.

JavaScript Solution

If you cannot use one of the other methods, you can just fall back to the Java Script solution:


When typing this into the address bar, the HTML code is shown.

If you should know other possibilities of showing the HTML, fell free to write a comment.

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Thanks for the JavaScript code. If you make a bookmark out of it, you even save the work with typing. This is then called Bookmarklet.
2023-01-11 at 23:48

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The solution for Chrome also works for the default Samsung Browser. Thanks for the helpfull note.
2015-08-19 at 23:23

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