In this portal, it is all about databases. Up to now, mainly questions and topics regarding MySQL were published, because this is one of the most used type of database and nearly each web developer has to care about this database sooner or later.

But of course, also all other questions, tips and articles about other kinds of database systems are welcome and will be answered gladly.

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MySQL: Text field can only store 65535 characters

I am using a field of data type "TEXT" in my MySQL database to save texts. Unfortunately, I realized now that a field of type...

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MySQL: What is an index needed for?

I do not know much about databases and MySQL, but I am currently working on my first Internet projects. Now and again I come...

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I would like to either insert some data into a Firebird database or, if the corresponding ID already exists, update the record...

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phpMyAdmin: Increase File Size Limit for Import

I want to import a quite large SQL file into my database via phpMyAdmin. However, on the import tab of phpMyAdmin, where you can...

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SQLite: Exclude duplicate records from result

Is SQLite offering any possibility for excluding all double data records from the result of a query? I am using some usual...

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SQLite: Error "no such function: INSTR"

I am getting a strange error when using the function INSTR() in SQLite. When executing a query like SELECT id FROM tab WHERE...

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Guest: Or you can simple use for literals the expression since sqlite 3.8.4 printf('%0nd', <column>) where n = number of padding...

Info | SQLite: RPAD and LPAD in SQLite - Fill string with characters left or right

Compi: Since this is a limitation of MySQL, which is also stated in the ...

Question | MySQL: Maximum Length of a Column and Table Name

Guest: Is it possible to increase the number of characters in the names of the tables? So, from 64 characters to 100 characters, for...

Question | MySQL: Maximum Length of a Column and Table Name

Stefan Trost: There are several TEXT data types in MySQL that can store different text lengths. Here is a small overview: ...

Question | MySQL: Text field can only store 65535 characters

Guest: You can also use the IFNULL() function: 1. SELECT IFNULL(1,0); -- returns 1 2. SELECT IFNULL('',1); -- returns...

Question | MySQL: How to check if Field is NULL or EMPTY

Stefan Trost: I would like to explain the index with a simple example: Example Imagine you have a phonebook and you want to find a number...

Question | MySQL: What is an index needed for?

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