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How can I learn Photoshop?
I think many people have heard of the most popular software photoshop. It's not easy to learn. Any teaching videos you would...
Open Question | 0 Answers
Linux: Show all installed Packages
I'm looking for a command line command that allows me to show all installed packages under Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) so that I...
Question | 1 Answer
macOS: Show hidden Files
How can I display the hidden files in a folder under macOS in the Finder? I know there is a hidden file in the folder, but have...
Question | 1 Answer
Why is my Facebook always disabled?
I don't understand why my facebook was disabled again to again. And I don't think I broke Facebook community rules...
Open Question | 3 Answers
Computer resets the BIOS at startup
When I start my computer, I get a message that the BIOS has been reset to its default values. This means that after the start of...
Question | 1 Answer
PhpSpreadsheet: Has anyone used or know how to use the linest function?
I need to get the 10 element linest statistics array. I only see the first element, slope. And last element, residual...
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Guest: Thank you I tryed the second it works. procedure TForm1.Memo1KeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key:...
Question | Delphi: Select all with CTRL+A in Memo
Delphian: Of course, that's the easiest way. But it depends on the Delphi and Lazarus version whether this function is already available....
Tip | Delphi/Lazarus: Delete selected Items from ListBox using DEL-Key
Guest: You do not need to do all this....
Tip | Delphi/Lazarus: Delete selected Items from ListBox using DEL-Key
Guest: Hi Stefan. If I want to show progress(with animated gif) while uploading, how can I do so? Thank...
Tutorial | How to resize Image before Upload in Browser
Guest: This is an extremely helpful article! Thanks a lot! By the way, I find it useful to upload all pictures as jpg, as I can then use the...
Tutorial | How to resize Image before Upload in Browser
NetGuy: You can use the apt tool for this. Just enter the following command into the terminal: apt list...
Question | Linux: Show all installed Packages

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