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MathJax: Space in Formula
To display formulas on my website properly formatted, I am using MathJax. The whol...
Question | 1 Answer
Are social media secure?
I like to use Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites and have recently talked with my best friend about what Facebook...
Open Question | 2 Answers
Rename Files according to Folder Name
I have hundrets of file folders containing images with the names 0001.tiff, 0002.tiff, 0002.tiff etc. - these would have to be...
Question | 1 Answer
Delphi/Lazarus: Automatically sign in to an HTTPS page or website
How can I log in to an HTTPS or HTTP website automatically via a Lazarus or Delphi program and then automatically read the...
Question | 1 Answer
YouTube shows error "Incorrect certificate for host"
When trying to open YouTube, I get the following error: Incorrect certificate for host. The error message is: The serve...
Question | 1 Answer
CSS Hacks for the Internet Explorer
In this tip I would like to introduce you to the CSS hacks for the Internet Explorer, with which different CSS rules can be...
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Guest: I want to save every image with it's original name. Tried with but it's sending only the last image's file name....
Tutorial | HTML5: Upload Images with Client Side Resize
Guest: I've used this with mixed results: (mixed because I've had both complete and partial results, and I've tried with...
Question | Batch Script: Delete File if it exists
Guest: If you block the person, others can still see that same person, you were the one that blocked the one who liked your post, so the person...
Question | Facebook: Delete like from someone else on my photo?
Workaholic: Law is one thing, but reality can often deviate from that. I would not rely on any laws. There are more than enough examples that...
Question | Are social media secure?
Stefan Trost: A space is reprsented with a tilde ~ in a MathJax formula. So just write in your formula "number~of~months" if you want to...
Question | MathJax: Space in Formula
Stefan Trost: This is possible with little effort using the program FileRenamer (free for Windows,...
Question | Rename Files according to Folder Name

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