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Which video games are similar to Watch Dogs Legion?

Hi there. I search for games that allow the player to customize the character and recruit other characters. It should be possible to make female...

Open Question | 2 Answers

Batch Script: Delete Files from Folder not in another Folder

I found this on the web but it does the opposite of what it says. It deletes files that match. Can anyone help? I use the following to compare...

Open Question | 1 Answer

Does FilelistCreator run on Windows 11?

I installed. However many time I get the message NOT...

Open Question | 1 Answer

Cannot download on Mac: Unknown Developer

Hi. My computer will not let me install the newest update (10/22/2022) of PrintMyFonts. It says that the developer is not recognized. Is anyone else...

Open Question | 1 Answer

PHP: Add previous sub-array value to next sub-array value

In each sub-array's end element, I want to add the previous sub-array's end-element. $arr = [ [1,2,4], [4,2,6], [2,1,8] ]; How can I do that with...

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undefined array key php

<?php $var = array(2,5); $cnt = count($var); for ($i = 0; $i < $cnt; $i++) { echo $var[$i]."\n"; echo...

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Joey45: There are several games that allow players to customize their character and recruit other characters. Here are some popular examples: Dragon Age:...

Question | Which video games are similar to Watch Dogs Legion?

Progger99: Sure! Here are some games that could fit your criteria: Horizon Zero Dawn: This action role-playing game allows you to play as Aloy, a skilled...

Question | Which video games are similar to Watch Dogs Legion?

Guest: Are you sure this is the full script? There are some brackets missing. And why are the two lines in the last if condition the same? What if you...

Question | Batch Script: Delete Files from Folder not in another Folder

Progger99: In phpMyAdmin there is also a function for that. The function can be found when you have selected the database under "Operations". However, there...

Tip | MySQL: Rename Name of a Database

Guest: Thanks for the JavaScript code. If you make a bookmark out of it, you even save the work with typing. This is then called...

Info | Show HTML Source Code in Mobile Android Browser

Guest: But it looked different in the browser, I wanted to A1 and A2 be nested in...

Question | HTML Validation: UL in UL causes error "ul not allowed as child of element ul in this context"

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