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PhpSpreadsheet: Has anyone used or know how to use the linest function?
I need to get the 10 element linest statistics array. I only see the first element, slope. And last element, residual...
Open Question | 0 Answers
MySQL: Text field can only store 65535 characters
I am using a field of data type "TEXT" in my MySQL database to save texts. Unfortunately, I realized now that a field of type...
Question | 1 Answer
Question Marks (?) instead of Persian Characters in .txt File
I exported content of a 2-column bilingual (English-Persian) Excel 2010 file to a tab-separated text file. But the content of the...
Open Question | 5 Answers
JavaScript: Change Page Title
How can I change the title of an HTML page with JavaScript? Is that possible? I would like to customize the existing title (title...
Question | 1 Answer
jQuery: Change the Title of an HTML Page
How can I change the page title of an HTML page with the help of jQuery, even after loading the page? Is that...
Question | 1 Answer
PHP Mail: Diacritics and Special Characters in Name and Subject are not displayed
I'm just trying to send an e-mail with PHP's mail function. Everything works so well. However, only as long as i...
Question | 1 Answer

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Guest: I'm not sure this is the best way.. But here's my quick fix for keeping the file name: Add this hidden input to form: ...
Tutorial | HTML5: Upload Images with Client Side Resize
Guest: "Perhaps you can create an own article, explaining the difference between functions and methods."Ha he ha! That's the way you...
Tip | JavaScript: Remove last character from string
Stefan Trost: There are several TEXT data types in MySQL that can store different text lengths. Here is a small overview: ...
Question | MySQL: Text field can only store 65535 characters
Anja Proggy: Unfortunately, Excel does not have an option to set up a default character encoding there. I don't know why the developers of...
Question | Question Marks (?) instead of Persian Characters in .txt File
Guest: Hi again dear Stefan, In the Save As dialog window here there is no any option for choosing an encoding whatever. I set the “File...
Question | Question Marks (?) instead of Persian Characters in .txt File
Stefan Trost: Have you changed the encoding in the save-dialog of Excel? The default is a Windows ANSI encoding here and if Excel is not saving your...
Question | Question Marks (?) instead of Persian Characters in .txt File

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