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Android EditText without Line Break

Question by Guest | 2013-09-23 at 14:06

In my XML layout for an Android app, I have set a button next to an EditText control. With the button, you can handle the content of the EditText field.

Sometimes, the content of the EditText field is about 2 or 3 characters longer than it is possible limited through its width.  That would not be so bad, but in this moment, the EditText field extends down in an ugly way and the text is displayed with a line break, destroying my whole layout.

What can I do, that this transition does not occur and the text still remains in a single-line in the EditText, even if the field is not long enough for the text? 

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Just add the line android:singleLine="true" to the properties of the field:

   android:text="" >

This makes the text staying in a row and it is no longer breaking.
2013-09-24 at 18:27

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