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Determine Font from Image

Question by SimplyMe | 2012-04-03 at 17:58

I'm looking for a specific font for one of my projects. However, I have only a screen on which the font can be seen. Is there any way or any program to determine the name of the font from the picture?

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Try going on MyFonts.com/WhatTheFont. There, you can upload an image or enter a website with a picture. By clicking then on Continue, the tool attempts to recognize your writing and you have to specify whether individual letters were correctly identified. Then, the page provides one or more suggestions for fonts that may have been the orginal font.

I have tried it out and the system does not seem to understand all fonts (indeed, not all fonts available on earth can be saved in the system), but the proposals were already very very close to my work and sometimes even a similar font is also okay for the purpose.
2012-04-05 at 20:36

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