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Excel: Save Spreadsheet without Macros

Question by Guest | 2015-08-27 at 10:45

When creating Excel spreadsheets, I am often using small macros in order to automate some functions.

However, this is always a problem when I would like to pass the Excel files. By default, Excel is showing some kind of security warning when trying to open such a document, so that I get many questions rather my document is okay.

So, is there any simple possibility to export the spreadsheet out of Excel without any macros?

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Since Excel 2007, Microsoft has introduced two different Excel formats. The Excel format with macros has the file extension XLSM and the file format without macros has the extension XLSX. So, in order to remove all macros from an Excel spreadsheet, it is sufficient to just pick on "Save as" and to select XLSX (Excel Workbook) as format.

Unfortunately, in older Excel versions, you do not have those specific formats. Given this case, the best way is to just create a new Excel documents and to copy only the data from the other table therein.

Or, if you have a new version of Excel for disposal, you can also open the old XLS file in the software in order to save it as XLSX (of course, after that you can save the XLSX as XLS again to get rid of the macros).
2015-08-27 at 22:29

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