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HTML: No line break for hyphenated word

Question by Compi | 2018-02-21 at 17:31

Long lines are automatically wrapped by the browser at their end. If a word contains a hyphen, the word is separated at the hyphen and the part after the hyphen appears in the next line.

How can I change this behavior? I have a few hyphenated words that should stay together with no linebreak between them. I would like to give something like a rule or statement with HTML or CSS that these words should not be separated. Is that possible?

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If you do not want a line break after certain hyphens, you can use a non-breaking hyphen instead of the normal hyphen from your keyboard. In HTML you can add a protected hyphen with ‑ like that:


In this example, "123" and "456" will always stay together. The representation in the browser is 123-456. The protected hyphen is displayed in the browser as if it were a "real" hyphen.

Similarly, you can also use the non-breaking space. If this character is used, no line break will be made between the corresponding words although there is a space.
2018-02-21 at 19:02

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