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My date pretends to has no time - What should I do?

Question by Guest | 2018-01-03 at 10:56

I've been writing with a girl for a while now that I met on the internet. Of course, after this time I would like to meet and get to know her personally.

I have often suggested to go for a date, but she always said that she can not at the moment or has no time. Most recently, she said she would not have time this month, but the current month is just starting at the moment.

What can I do? Does it still make sense? Actually, I think that we get along well, we write every day, have a lot in common and in my opinion nothing would speak against a meeting.

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I would first try to find out why she has no time and if she has a reasonable reason for the cancellation.

For example, write something like: Oh, are you on a world trip / secret mission, that you have time not before ...?

Then it depends on her answer. Maybe she's preparing for an exam or lying sick in bed. I also had something serious some time ago, so that only the bed was announced for weeks. That would of course be good reasons to only have time later.

It could also be that she does not dare and is afraid of the date. I knew a woman who thought she was too fat and did not want to meet until she lost weight because she was afraid that everything could be over when dating or seeing for the fist time with that weight. That too can happen.

Of course it can also be that she has no serious interest and only writes out of pastime. You would have to look at what and how she writes and how she reacts to relationship issues, for example.
2018-01-03 at 21:20

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