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Our son should study something else! What can we do?

Question by Guest | 2018-03-22 at 14:49

Our son is currently in high school and has to look for a university for the time after. However, his plans for the future are somewhat different from ours.

He has been registered in various sports clubs since his childhood and would now like to do nothing else than studying sports.

We do not think that's a good idea, as we do not see much chance for his future with this studies, and we as his parents have a duty to do something good for our son. We would rather study medicine or business studies instead of sports.

We also know that we should give our son the freedom he needs, but in this point we would like to protect him from himself. At some point he is certainly old enough to decide for himself, but we know that at some point in future, after studying sports, he will regret not having done anything sensible. But how do we explain that to him?

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I would not interfere with your son's decision. He is an adult and that is his very own decision.

What's the point if he begins reluctantly to study something that does not suit his interests? Studying requires perseverance, and if he can not do anything with the content, the story is bound to fail. And why should he spend his life doing something he does not want to do (in his professional life) - just because he might get 3 dollar more a month out of it?!

In addition, degree programs such as business administration or medicine no longer guarantee 100 percent security. There is a certain degree of uncertainty in every course of study and, on the other hand, you can also have many opportunities with sports. Just look at all the jobs in health care or as a coach in a high position. And your son is doing something that he can identify with. That's the most important.
2018-03-22 at 19:33

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Let your son do what he wants. Everything else leads to quarrels, dissatisfaction and eventually there will be the big allegation at some time or you do not talk anymore.

If he chooses sports, he is responsible for himself and learns something for life, he does what he wanted and has to live with the consequences.

If he does what you want, he will blame you for every little thing that goes wrong.

Of course, you can always speak and discuss. But you should not force him and the decision should remain on his side.
2018-03-23 at 14:07

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