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Phone shows new Text Messages only after Restart

Question by Guest | 2012-08-31 at 20:10

Lately, with my mobile phone a curious problem emerged. One day, I thought to myself, why I am getting no text messages today? After the first friends of mine appealed, why I am no longer responding to their messages, I was skeptical and tried restarting my cell phone.

Lo and behold, I suddenly had a lot of new SMS messages in my inbox, that apparently had accumulated since then.

Now, it went well for a while and the phone worked as normal. However, someday, again I received a half-day not any SMS message. After that, I already know, that a restart is required now. I did it and again, I received all text messages at once.

At some point, the problem became more and more extreme and sometimes, I can only receive one or two SMS until a restart is required. Of course, this is not very practicable and I can not afford this. Does anyone have a solution to the problem? Incidentally, the phone shows enough free memory. That should not be the reason.

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What can help here, is to delete all SMS from your inbox. And I mean each one, the inbox have to be completely empty, there must be no more SMS stored on your mobile phone.

After that, you should send a text message to yourself and again, you have to delete this message. Then, you have to reboot your phone again. Now, it should work.

If your phone is still not working after this, you should make an update of your phone software.

Technical Background

Of course, I do not know how your phone is programmed and why this error really of course occurs, but I can imagine, that there is a bug in the phone. Probably, with each new SMS, new memory in an array is allocated in the phone and this will be full at some point. If you now delete individual text messages without deleting all messages, only gaps in this array are arising and the memory will not be released completely. This memory release will not be executed until you actually delete all SMS and hence the array is completely set to zero. And thus, only with this there is room for new SMS. Can that be? Do anyone knows it precisely?

Of course, if you only want to make your mobile phone running again, this background should not be interesting to do, but it interests me.
2012-09-02 at 20:35

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