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PHP: Output Number with X Decimal Places

Question by Guest | 2015-04-23 at 16:53

I am calculating some percentages using PHP in order to display them under each other within a table.

Of course, the resulting values are differing in the amount of decimal places. However, I would like to show them all with the same fixed number of decimal places.

Is there any function in PHP for this? Finally, it is looking messy when there are the numbers 3.5, 1.23 and 2.74818 next to each other.

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You can simply use the PHP function number_format for this.

Here is a small example:

$k = 1.2345;
echo number_format($k, 2);
// output: 1.23

As a first parameter, you can pass the number, as second parameter, the number of decimal places.

More information about it and how to adjust the decimal separator to your needs you can learn here.
2015-04-25 at 21:58

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