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Which female name does not exist as title of a magazine?

Question by Princess | 2018-03-25 at 23:32

A perhaps not quite serious meant question. Whenever I walk by the shelves of newspapers and magazines in any supermarket - and even worse are the newsagents at the train station - almost every woman's name coming to my mind can be found there as the title of a magazine.

How can that be? Are there any women's names that were not abused as a magazine title?

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Haha, you are completely right. Now that you say that, I notice that as well. Brigitte, Petra, Lisa, Laura - actually, almost all names are included and if you can not find your own one, the title is probably just out of print!

And who finds a name that does not exist? The evidence to the contrary will be difficult ...
2018-03-26 at 23:22

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