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Why are seat rows 17 and 13 missing in the airplane?

Question by Enzo | 2012-12-12 at 15:17

Recently, I flew and was wondering again about a missing row of seats: I already know that there is no row 13 in the aircraft (superstition, should bring disaster and so on).

But in my plane, also number 17 lacked! And I thought, 17 is rather a lucky number - if it is ever biased superstitious. What about that all?

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Also the lack of row 17 has to do with superstition. While in most countries, 13 is the "bad number", there are other countries with other manners, customs and superstitions:

In Italy and Brazil, for example, 17 is the unlucky number and that is also the reason why some airlines are flying without these seats.

Accordingly, in Italy also Friday the 17th is the unlucky day and the hotels have no 17th floor - instead 13 applies as lucky number. Among other things, one reason for this is the Latin number XVII for 17. By changing the order of the letters, you get VIXI was is Latin for "I have lived".
2012-12-12 at 19:16

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