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Java: Case Insensitive Equals - String Comparison

Info by Anja Proggy | 2013-12-08 at 19:22

Previously, when comparing two Strings in Java and the comparison should be executed case insensitive independent from the uppercase or lowercase writing of the String, I have turned the whole String in upper or lower letters before the comparison:

String s1 = "test";
String s2 = "Test";

if (s1.toUpperCase().equals(s2.toUpperCase())) {

In this example, both "test" and "Test" become "TEST" and the result of the comparison will be true.

But not long ago, I experienced that it can be so simple:

String s1 = "test";
String s2 = "Test";

if (s1.equalsIgnoreCase(s2)) {


With the function .equalsIgnoreCase() Java is providing a method fitting perfect for this scenario making your code simple and easier to read. Especially in long comparisons, this is a good way to use.


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