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Stock Exchange: General Order Supplements

Info by Never Rich Enough | 2012-06-03 at 19:15

In addition to the order supplements when buying or selling securities, which I have already presented, there are also some general and less frequently used supplements for security orders. I would like to introduce them here:

  • Immediate or Cancel (IOK): This order requests that the order is executed in whole or in part immediately. If a partial execution is made, because the order can not be executed completely at the moment, no further partial execution should be made, because after the first execution, the rest is deleted. Accordingly, only one job (in whole or in part) is performed with the IOC order.
  • All or Nothing (AON): With this order, you determine that either the entire quantity is bought or sold, or nothing at all. Therefore, there are no partial executions with this order type. The priority of AON orders is, however, under all other kinds of orders.
  • Fill or Kill (FOK): FOK orders are a mixture of IOC orders and AON orders. If not the entire quantity can be executed immediately, the job is deleted.
  • Market on Open (MOO): Unlimited order to be executed immediately at the beginning of a trading day. MOO orders must be entered before the opening of the market and have priority over other orders.
  • Market on Close (MOC): Unlimited order to be executed at the end of a trading day. MOC orders have to be entered just before market closing and have priority over other orders.


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