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German Tax Declaration: Round up or down?

I am currently working on my first German Tax Declaration (Steuererklärung). I noticed quickly that some fields do not allow decimal places (Elster...

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Online VAT Calculator

With this value added tax calculator you can calculate the value added tax (VAT) for any amount and VAT rate. Simply enter your desired values into...

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Reverse Charge Invoice: Note in the national languages of the EU

Anyone who uses the reverse charge procedure for business to business (B2B) services between companies in the EU pursuant to the Value Added Tax Act...

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Countries without withholding tax on dividends

I have some foreign stocks in my stock portfolio and it is always annoying to see how much money some countries have withheld from my dividend. For...

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Elster Online: What is the "Status" column?

I recently started making my tax declaration online via the German Elster Formular (Elster Form on Therefore, I'm not really...

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Online Compound Interest Calculator

How will my capital develop over the years when investing it with a particular interest? This question is answered by our compound interest...

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Never Rich Enough: If the form does not allow decimal places, you are always allowed to round in your own favor. This means that if a larger amount would be better...

Question | German Tax Declaration: Round up or down?

Never Rich Enough: Countries that do not apply withholding tax on dividends are rarely. However, they exist. Currently, I know the following countries: Great Britain...

Question | Countries without withholding tax on dividends

Consumer: The heading "Status" is a maybe a bit irritating. The number in this column only tells you how long it will take for the message to be deleted. For...

Question | Elster Online: What is the "Status" column?

Consumer: This additional input field is a safety feature. Many computers are infected with viruses, that record all key presses on the keyboard and pass them...

Question | Online Banking: Why is there also the ability to enter numbers with the mouse?

Never Rich Enough: Stock spam has nothing to do with the amount of shares that someone pours into the market. Instead of that, in this case, spam is meant in the sense...

Question | What is Stock Spam?

Never Rich Enough: There are two solutions for this dilemma: either you change your bank and you go to a bank, which is charging the fees only once per transaction, or...

Question | How can I avoid partial executions in the stock market?

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