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If you want to know something, you can ask a simple question, create a pro and contra debate or start a voting on 2 to 6 alternative options.

If you want to share your knowledge, you can write articles, tutorials, tips or reviews (criticis, test reports).

If you want to create a blog, you can write a blog post which will be assigned to your personal blog of your account.

A detailed explanation of the differences betweens these types can be found in our article Types of Topics.


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Enter an informative question or an informative title of your question or discussion. Because of this title, other users should already know what your question or discussion is about.

Example: "What is the meaning of life?" or "How long is a fish’s live?"

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Enter the title of your post. The heading should be as informative as possible and reflect the content of your contribution.

Example: "How to paper my home" or "The Meaning of Life"

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In this box, you can enter the text of your post.

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Enter the issues over which should be voted. At least two alternatives have to be entered and you can choose which colors the vote bars should have. Leave all options you do not need empty.

Question: "What color is the best?"
Alternatives: "Green", "Yellow", "Blue", "Red"

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Your topic must be assigned to a category, so that it can be found. Only in the correct category, you can reach the intended readers or your question will be answered by the right experts.

In the event that no suitable sub-category exists, you should choose the best main category for your subject.


Read our rules for contributions before saving.


How to do

Scroll with your mouse over the symbol Info in the left column to get more information.

A detailed explanation can be found in our help section.


You can also start a new topic directly from the bottom right of every portal. Then the category is already selected.

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