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New Language Versions for AskingBox

Blog by Stefan Trost | 2020-08-18 at 18:03

After sttmedia.com was translated into other languages about one year ago, AskingBox has now followed. With the additional languages Spanish and French, AskingBox is now available in four different languages.

The start pages of the individual language versions are:

At the bottom of each page there are now 4 new links with the names "Deutsch", "English", "Español" and "Français. If a page has been translated into one of these languages, you can use these links to jump directly to the translation. For example, you can simply jump between the language versions of the portals or view a topic in a different language, since other answers to the same question may have been given there.

Additionally, in the course of these changes, the design of AskingBox has also been revised and some functions have been expanded or improved. For example, it is now possible for users who are not registered to take part in votings. Previously, this function was reserved for registered users only.

By the way, you can use your current AskingBox account directly for the new language versions. Your account is independent of the language version and you can log in with the same data on every login page.


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