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Room Door - Open or closed?

Marie, I'm 23 years old now. I've had my door open since I was a child. Stupid habit. Now I've moved in with my boyfriend and he always closes the...

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Should I give thanks for an e-mail?

Every time I receive an e-mail with an answer to one of my questions, I wonder if I should say thank you for answering. It is typical, for example,...

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Mum Carin: Maybe you should just tell your friend that you have problems with the bedroom door closed. Then you can both look for a solution together. Or you...

Question | Room Door - Open or closed?

Companiable78: In your case at work, I would do what is usual done in your company and what others are doing in this situation. However, in principle, I would...

Question | Should I give thanks for an e-mail?

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Room Door - Open or closed?

Question | 1 Answer


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