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Important Note for Psychological Issues

Please consider this note for all psychological issues: the topics are not to be understood as a professional advice, counseling or therapy and have no claim to accuracy and/or completeness! You should always consult a skilled and competent psychotherapist for a qualified opinion and never rely solely on the advice given here. More information.

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Solarium instead of Light Therapy?
I am not directly troubled with a real depression, but only with a so-called depressive mood. My doctor has advised me to perform...
Question | 1 Answer
Why are Obsessive Compulsive Disorders belonging to Anxiety Disorders?
According to some classifications, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) such as Compulsive Acts and Obsessive Thoughts are...
Question | 1 Answer
What is mentally disturbed behavior?
When can we actually speak about a mental disorder or at which point can we call a behavior mentally disturbed? Many authors are...
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Psychonaut: As far as I know, a serious light therapy can not just be replaced by the tanning saloon. For the light therapy it is important that the...
Question | Solarium instead of Light Therapy?
Psychonaut: Perhaps, the association is not apparent at first sight, but there is one: Obsessive Thoughts trigger anxiety....
Question | Why are Obsessive Compulsive Disorders belonging to Anxiety Disorders?

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