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Should I give thanks for an e-mail?

Question by Guest | 2018-04-17 at 20:54

Every time I receive an e-mail with an answer to one of my questions, I wonder if I should say thank you for answering.

It is typical, for example, that my boss has answered a question at work, but similar situations also occur in my private life. Should I briefly write back something like that and say thank you or should I just only take note of the e-mail?

I find both behaviors a bit untoward. One the one hand, I could annoy the sender with my thank-you e-mail. On the other hand, if I do not write anything, it's kind of rude. What are you doing in such a situation? How do I behave best?

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In your case at work, I would do what is usual done in your company and what others are doing in this situation.

However, in principle, I would personally always prefer a short thank-you mail. When I answer a question and I get no response, I would think that the email was not read at all. Only with a reply,  the thing would be completed for me. Of course, other people would see that differently.

I would just write something like: "Thank you so much for finding time to take care of my request. Your advice helped me a lot."
2018-04-18 at 19:02

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