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No connectivity with Data Roaming disabled

Question by Guest | 2015-01-10 at 16:31

I have Moto E. It says you have lost your data connectivity because you left your home network with data roaming off. In status bar it sometimes shows E, the other time H+ and many times R. 

I am in my home network now and have turned off data roaming. Even to access Internet I have to enable data roaming in my home network. Plz guide.

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If there is E or H+ in the status bar, you should be connected to your home network. If there is R in the bar, you are in roaming mode.

Have you checked your APN settings? Perhaps they are wrong and you are surfing in the wrong network.

Are you living near a border to another country or something like that? Perhaps your phone is sometimes connecting to the network abroad.

Please give some more information.
2015-01-11 at 02:43

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