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Alternative font for Lucida Grande on Linux?

Question by Anja Proggy | Last update on 2021-04-06 | Created on 2012-04-28

I have developed a web design, which I am really proud of. To look at the compatibility, I have visited the website from different systems. But I had to experience a shock under Linux!

The font looks impossible and shoots the complete design. I used the font "Lucida Grande", which looks really lovely on Windows. On Linux, however, apparently, there is no fount installed out of the Lucida font family.

Is there a comparable font alternative to Lucida Grande, which I can use on Linux?

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Very good and important point. Helpful in this regard, is the following page, that lists for different fonts Linux alternatives even with pictures of the fonts:

Accordingly, as an alternative to "Lucida Grande", for example, the Linux fonts "Garuda", "Malayalam", "Mukti Narrow" or "Kalimati" can be used.

Just try, what font style best fits to your design and, if necessary, state rather a font too much than too less, because even on Linux systems, there are not always the same fonts available.

Your CSS file might look like this:

font-family: "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode"
  "Garuda", "Malayalam", Arial, sans-serif;

First, you note the preferred font, so "Lucida Grande", and then the alternatives in the order, that the best alternative comes first. Last, you should still take "sans-serif" in the list, so that at least another font without serifs can be used in cases when there are no fonts of the list installed on the system at all.
Last update on 2021-04-06 | Created on 2012-05-01

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Thanks for the link. The site really helps me, also for other projects. A very good compilation. Really a lot of work that the author has done there. But useful without end!
2021-04-05 at 23:33

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