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Android: Which App is consuming the most Battery?

Question by GetMeNow | Last update on 2021-04-02 | Created on 2016-06-12

I really would like to know, which of my apps is responsible for the most battery consumption.

Is there any possibility to check that or is there any app available that can detect or track down the evildoers?

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You do not need a new app for this. Your Android smartphone already has a built in possibility for that.

Just go into your settings and then click on "battery". After that, you can see a list of all of your apps and services and how many battery they have used. Additionally, you can see a time course diagram showing you the state of your battery since your last charge.

By the way, on my mobile phone, most times, the screen is at the top of this list.
Last update on 2021-04-02 | Created on 2016-06-13

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