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WhatsApp - It was a beautiful time

Article by Queen90 | 2014-02-20 at 23:19

I have experienced it via Whats App. Which other way could be imagined in those days - at least up to now? The thing with the takeover by Facebook.

Bad news early in the morning

Immediately after waking up, I had my phone full of nervous Whats App messages (I have translated them to English):

  • Get Threema, Whats App has been purchased by Facebook!
  • Starting with today, you will only find me at Line, this is my last Whats App Message.
  • Serious Warning from me! Delete Whats App as fast as possible! Otherwise Facebook has all your data + whereabouts + contacts!

A piece of bad news in the morning! Only after also the news has reported it, I could believe what had happened. First, I thought, it is only a bad joke: Facebook had really bought my beloved Whats App or at least is on the way doing so.

However, the reason why I am using Whats App is because I do not want to pass my data to Facebook! In my opinion, Facebook had become much too powerful and too large. It was my choice to do not install the Facebook Messenger on my smartphone and to decide to use Whats App instead to ensure to not give my data and whereabouts into the clutches of Facebook.

And apparently, all of my friends are feeling the same. The storm of indignation will not calm down and some have already uninstalled Whats App.

Are there alternatives?

But what's coming up after Whats App? Serious alternatives are rare at the moment. Of course, there are Line, Threema, Viber and Co but none of these services are actually used by all of my friends.

The best thing with Whats App was that really everybody had it. All friends had it and if you meet someone new, you know that you can get in contact with him or her by Whats App.

Unfortunately, in all of the other services, this is not the case. A few have Line, about Threema I have heard this morning for the first time in the morning messages and also other messengers like Viper or Joyn are not an option - I do not know anyone using Joyn or Viber or even anyone who has installed them! At least up to now.

Time will show how it will go on. Currently all people are telling me that they will say goodbye to Whats App. But will they really do it? That depends on whether all people can agree on one alternative. And that might take some time. Until then, I do not want to install and keep up to date five, six or more messengers at the same time hoping that I can reach of my friends with this. After all, is there anybody out there still writing text messages today? Or is this the comeback of the SMS?

Why does Facebook destroy WhatsApp?

The special thing about Whats App is (or was) that it is so easy. No advertising, no huge annoying and unaesthetic smileys as you are faced with in Line, only a list of friends for which not even an extra invitation is needed, a simple function to send messages and a chat history, that's it. It could not be simpler.

Actually, all of this is exactly the opposite of Facebook: Facebook is oversized, stuffed with advertising, confusing and again and again you wonder about the functions that are hidden somewhere you have never suspected.

Now I'm afraid the Facebook transmits this principle to Whats App. Because somehow the purchase in the amount of $ 19 billion must be worthwhile for Mark Zuckerberg! That can only happen at the expense of the users!

And all if that just because Facebook no longer counts among the younger generation under 40? That's not a reason to destroy great services like Whats App!

I can already see the Facebook logo in Whats App or the button "Connect with Facebook", I really hate. A nightmare is now come true.

Too bad. I have really loved Whats App.


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