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C#/.NET: Check if a file exists

Question by CSchaf | 2014-09-05 at 19:38

How can I check whether a file exists on my hard drive or any other storage device using C# (C-Sharp, .NET Framerwork)?

I have a string containing the full file path and would like to check that. Is there anything like one of the FileExists-functions known from other programming languages? When trying to type this, the IDE cannot find such a function.

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You can find the function, you are searching for, in the class "File" (System.IO) providing some file handling functions.

Here is a small example:

string dat = @"C:\test.dat";

if (File.Exists(dat)) {
  // file exists
} else {
  // file does not exist

You can just pass a string with the file path to File.Exists and you get true or false as the return value depending on the file is existing or not.
2014-09-06 at 07:49

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