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Change Numbering of Files by a specific Value

Question by Guest | 2023-02-23 at 20:27

Is there a way to rename files in such a way that if they are previously numbered from 01 to 20 they become numbered from 11 to 30 instead, for example?

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At the time, you asked this question, the FileRenamer did not yet offer a way to rename files in this way. However, I found the idea interesting and have since added a new function for it.

You can find the function under "Changes > Name / Extension > Number Adjustment". In addition to a numerical value by which the existing numbering is increased or decreased, you can also specify a position for the case that your file names contain multiple numbers and you don't want to adjust each of these numbers in the same way. In the tutorial about numbering files with the FileRenamer, in the section "Change existing Numbering of Files", I explain in detail how you can use this function.

If your files have a consecutive numbering or if they should be numbered consecutively, you can alternatively use the placeholder %num% in any text field of the FileRenamer to change the numbering of the files starting with an arbitrary initial value that can be defined in the menu "Settings > Numbering" of the program. This possibility is also addressed and explained in the tutorial just mentioned.
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