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FileRenamer: Random Numbering

Hi, I have a large number of jpg files that I want to display in a totally random order. Is it possible to assign them a random...

Question | 1 Answer

Remove Byte Order Mark from a large Number of Files

I have edited the PHP files of one of my very large web projects using a text editor locally on my hard drive. Unfortunately, I noticed far too...

Question | 1 Answer

Hyphenate Words

Hello, my apologies for asking something that could be quite simple, but I'm new to this application. How do you add (-) hyphens between words...

Open Question | 1 Answer

Audio Tag Info from WMA Files

Hello, I have just begun using FilelistCreator to catalog my digital music collection. On mp3 files, tag info comes across as expected. On wma...

Open Question | 3 Answers

Subfolders Bug?

Hello. When I drag a folder, the program shows me the subfolders too. I unchecked the flag on "search subfolders" in the option filters, but still...

Open Question | 5 Answers

FileRenamer: Delete Spaces from the End of many File Names

I have a lot of files that can have unwanted spaces at the end of their file name (i.e. between the name and the ending of the file). How can I...

Question | 1 Answer

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Stefan Trost: To give files a random number, you can do the following in the File Renamer: Right-click the file list and choose "Columns" from the context menu....

Question | FileRenamer: Random Numbering

Stefan Trost: This task can be carried out quickly and easily with any number of files at the same time using the program TextEncoder. Simply follow the following...

Question | Remove Byte Order Mark from a large Number of Files

Stefan Trost: Just between all words without any other criteria? Then you can activate the Action "Text > Replace" with Search for a space and Replace with "-"....

Question | Hyphenate Words

Stefan Trost: I have just analyzed your file using the FileAnalyzer and found the problem, there were some uncommon structures in it. Based on that knowledge, I...

Question | Audio Tag Info from WMA Files

DavidW: Thank you. I just replied to the email you sent today, with one of the files...

Question | Audio Tag Info from WMA Files

Stefan Trost: Please send me such a file that is not displaying the information. Then I will have a look at...

Question | Audio Tag Info from WMA Files

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