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Newly added Fonts in PrintMyFonts

I have already printed the 831 fonts that I have. How would I go about printing fonts that I add to that...

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PrintMyFonts: Fonts not printing

When I go to print my fonts they do not show or print. Is there a reason why this might be? Is there a way to save a PDF file? I usual just print and...

Open Question | 8 Answers

How Do I Create A File List From Multiple Hard Drives?

I have 7 external hard drives and I wanted to know how can I create one list of all of the files on more than one hard...

Open Question | 3 Answers

Remove special characters from file names

I got an extensive file collection under Linux Mint, which should now be moved to a Windows PC. Unfortunately, some files can not be copied because...

Question | 1 Answer

Repair Text Files with mixed Line Breaks

Text files usually contain uniform characters for line breaks. Typically, these are the characters CR LF (#0D #0A) in text files created on Windows...

Tutorial | 0 Comments

Only replace whole Words in File Names

If I only want to replace "fur" by "für" in a file name, but there should be no replacements within names or whole words, such as "Frankfurt", how...

Question | 1 Answer

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Stefan Trost: Can you explain in more detail what you would like to...

Info | Newly added Fonts in PrintMyFonts

Stefan Trost: Let us talk about that privately. Can you send me a short mail via my contact form...

Question | PrintMyFonts: Fonts not printing

Guest: Any other reasons the fonts will not print? I have tried everything I know. Will donate if you can find a solution....

Question | PrintMyFonts: Fonts not printing

Guest: I tried that setting...both activated and not activated. Did not work for either option. I really like your app the best because I have so thousands...

Question | PrintMyFonts: Fonts not printing

Stefan Trost: There is an option in the menu Settings > Print > Options called "Print Font as Image". Is it not printing in both cases, with this option...

Question | PrintMyFonts: Fonts not printing

Guest: Only when I try to use the print function in the app. DOCX and ODS work fine. Just was trying to find a way to use the print...

Question | PrintMyFonts: Fonts not printing

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Rename File to its Folder Name

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Program in ZIP-Folder

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