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Filelist Creator: Leave off Extension
When using FileList Creator how can I leave off the file extension? In my...
Question | 1 Answer
How to upgrade Text Convert Pro?
I have Text Converter Pro and would like to upgrade to TCP CSV. I looked all...
Question | 3 Answers
Printing from the Clipboard Saver
Can you print things that are saved with the Clipboard Saver or is this 'strictly' just a...
Question | 1 Answer
ImageResizer: Spelling Correction
NOT "... example if images are TO large to send them per mail ..." BUT "for example...
Tip | 1 Comment
Filelist Creator: How can I set depth in folder levels?
Your software is wonderful! It already got 5 stars! It seems to me, however, that you cannot set the maximum search dept...
Open Question | 1 Answer
PrintMyFonts: View Glyphs
Is there any easy way in PrintMyFonts to view the glyphs from fonts? I...
Question | 1 Answer

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Stefan Trost: The corresponding options for showing or hiding the file extension can be found on the right of the main window of the FilelistCreator...
Question | Filelist Creator: Leave off Extension
AskingBox Moderation: That is spam protection. Our users have to collect some reputation before they are allowed to post without an admin check. This is...
Question | How to upgrade Text Convert Pro?
Stefan Trost: You can just go to and pay the difference of the prize of your current...
Question | How to upgrade Text Convert Pro?
Don Seldens: Why isn't this visible??? Not a big fan of, I am logged in and its still invisible.. ...
Question | How to upgrade Text Convert Pro?
Stefan Trost: At the moment, you can use the ClipboardSaver only for saving and for manipulating...
Question | Printing from the Clipboard Saver
Stefan Trost: Thank you very much for reporting that issue. I have corrected the mistake on ...
Tip | ImageResizer: Spelling Correction

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