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What's new in last 2023-04-23 version?

What's new in last 2023-04-23...

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Delete Columns in many CSV Files

I have a large amount of CSV files from which I want to delete a specific column. Of course, I could open each individual file in Excel or...

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Schedule FilelistCreator

I would like to schedule FileCreator in order to create every day a XLSX list. Is it...

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Remove duplicate Rows from CSV Files

I have several CSV files that may contain some duplicate rows having the same content. I would like to delete these duplicate lines from every CSV...

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Rotate and Mirror CSV Files

I have some data in the form of CSV files whose fields I would like to rotate and mirror. What I intend to do is best explained with an example. ...

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Replace Text with first Line

I have a large number of text files in which I want to replace some text or - in my case - a certain character with the content of the first line of...

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Stefan Trost: You can see a list of all changes in the change log of the...

Question | What's new in last 2023-04-23 version?

Stefan Trost: With the TextConverter, an arbitrary number of CSV files can be processed simultaneously. To delete one or more columns from CSV files, you can do...

Question | Delete Columns in many CSV Files

Stefan Trost: At the moment, the FilelistCreator has no command line options that are required for that. However, such an enhancement is planed. I will publish it...

Question | Schedule FilelistCreator

Stefan Trost: You can find the functions for deleting duplicate lines in the Line Actions of the TextConverter, not in the CSV Actions. To delete the affected...

Question | Remove duplicate Rows from CSV Files

Stefan Trost: What do you mean with SV error? Which version are you using? The newest...

Question | Rename Files sequentially keeping "connected" File Names Pattern

BANANAKID: Hello Stefan, maybe you'll find interesting the following though it's not related to the discussed question and new function. I've...

Question | Rename Files sequentially keeping "connected" File Names Pattern

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