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add column
I need view the column version, but this is not appear in the program, appear name, format, type but version ...
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Opening files
Is there a way of opening files in the filelist once created e.g. as a .xls file. I am sure one used to be able to do...
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How to set Filelist Creator to Monitor a folder
This is mentioned in the Features but there is no explanation as to how setup it up. Can you explain how to setup to Monitor a...
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Program freezes/stalls -- too much data?
I have a very larger folder with over 50,000 files.  Sometimes I can upload it, but it stall when I try to displa...
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Can it be exported to a collapsible HTML file?
I want to list a MP3 directories and to have it exported to HTML which should have + sign for the directories to display the...
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ClipboardSaver Error: Cannot open clipboard
Whenever I attempt to screenshot a specific part of the screen (shift + win + S) with the ...
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Stefan Trost: What do you mean with...
Question | add column
Stefan Trost: What you can do is: Right click on the file list and click on "Export File List". You get a file with the extension .filelist containing...
Question | Opening files
Stefan Trost: This option is only available in the old version for windows. You can download this version on the download page of the ...
Question | How to set Filelist Creator to Monitor a folder
Stefan Trost: It depends. There is no hard limit set in the program. But the limit is the memory of your computer and whether you are using the 32...
Question | Program freezes/stalls -- too much data?
Stefan Trost: In the current version of the Filelist Creator, it is possible to create HTML lists...
Question | Can it be exported to a collapsible HTML file?
Stefan Trost: Thanks. I will see if I can find a...
Question | ClipboardSaver Error: Cannot open clipboard

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