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Delphi: Format Numeric Output with 2 Decimal Places

Question by Sandra Poderon | 2021-01-07 at 07:20

Hello community

Please lend a hand :)

I have this line :

Memo10.Text := FloatToStr(round(Memo29.Value)) + '$';

This results is rounded : 25

How to re-write it to result with 2 decimals : 25,16



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There are many ways for doing that. One way is to use the function FormatFloat. You can rewrite your code to:

Memo10.Text := FormatFloat('0.00', Memo29.Value) + '$';

FormatFloat takes a formatting string (here 0.00 for 2 decimals) and the value you want to show.

If you want to pass the value as string, you can use FormatFloat('0.00', StrToFloat('25.161234')).
2021-01-07 at 14:24

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