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Delphi: Full Screen Mode for Delphi Application

Question by Guest | 2012-05-08 at 15:48

I want to run one of my Delphi programs in full screen. This means, that the bar of the window should not be visible and the task bar of Windows should be hidden, too. In other words, the form should cover the whole screen.

Is there any way to adjust a Delphi program, so that it really fills the entire screen?

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Simply set the BorderStyle property in the Object Inspector to bsNone. With this, the bar of the window will not be displayed. Furthermore, you have to write this to the OnCreate of your form:

form1.height := screen.height;
form1.width := screen.width;

So, you set the height and the width of the form to the height and the width of your screen.

With this, it should work!
2012-05-11 at 09:13

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There is a much easier way to achieve the same. Adjust in the Object Inspector of the form the following properties:

  • BoderStyle to bsNone
  • WindowState to wsMaximized

With BorderStyle, you can suppress the frame and the edge of the window. With WindowStare and wsMaximized, you achieve, that the window will be automatically expanded, so that the whole screen will be filled.
2012-05-11 at 17:07

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