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Delphi: Loading JPEG image in TImage does not work: Exception EInvalidGraphic: Unknown picture file extension (.jpg)

Question by Chematik | Last update on 2021-05-17 | Created on 2012-09-13

I would like to dynamically load a JPG image in one of my Delphi programs so that it can be displayed in my program. To do this, I dragged a TImage component from Delphi onto the form and used the following code:


Unfortunately, this is not working at all and instead, I get an error with the following error message:

Project Project1.exe raised exception class EInvalidGraphic with
message 'Unknown picture file extension (.jpg)

In other words, Delphi seems to do not understand JPG graphics. But I think: if not JPEG, what then? How can I correct the error?

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Just add "Jpeg" to the USES-list at the top of your code.

You have to do that, because otherwise, Delphi can not understand the JPG-format. With this correction, it should work.

After that, above it should look similiar to that:

  Windows, Messages, ... SysUtils, Jpeg;

And you can load JPG images into your TImage.
Last update on 2021-05-17 | Created on 2012-09-15

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I will thank you Delphian on behalf of myself and the person who asked it since that person seems to be too lazy lol
2013-08-04 at 00:16

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Thats it. Thanks Delphian.

(Comment to short?? Sorry only wanted to say Thank you Delphian..) Hope this is long enough to say thanks?
2015-07-09 at 13:06

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Thanks for your answer, this is working in my code.

Hope it is working for other people, too.
2020-11-26 at 14:03

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Hey I'm also stuck in this same situation... I have added Jpeg to uses. But still its giving me the same error.

This is my code:


procedure TLoginForm.Button3Click(Sender: TObject);

Can someone help me?
2016-03-02 at 22:20

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You forget this line before the begin.

Var imguserpic : tjpegImage;

That because it give you an error.
2017-05-13 at 18:09

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Perhaps you can try to add the complete Vcl.Imaging name space to your project.

Go to: Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Unit Scope Names Menu.
2016-03-03 at 18:34

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