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Delphi: This form of method call only allowed for class methods

Question by Guest | 2012-09-07 at 19:07

I have two units in Delphi, each corresponding to a window in my program. In the first window, I defined a procedure, that I would like to call in the second window.

My first approach to call the procedure was the following:


However, with this approach, Delphi could not find the procedure, so I thought, I have to precede the name of the form to tell Delphi where the procedure is defined:


However, this approach also does not do it. The program compiles, but when you open the program, the following error message occurs, with which I can not do anything:

This form of method call only allowed for class methods

I have already tried to define the procedure in the public section and such things, but it just is not working. Can someone help me?

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TForm1 is only the type, so almost a description of how your form looks. Therefore, you can not call a procedure from this.

Try it with the following approach:


Somewhere at the beginning of your unit, there is written "Form1: TForm1". This means, that "Form1" is of the type "TForm1". And therefore, procedures can only be called from "Form1".
2012-09-09 at 23:16

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