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Difference between Selfie and Killfie

Question by Guest | 2017-05-10 at 21:03

I really love taking selfies! My favorites are selfies in front of interesting, amazing, spectacular and breathtaking backgrounds! However, recently someone told me to stop making those killfies.

What did he mean with this? What actually is a so-called killfie? Finally, I only took some selfies of me...

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A selfie is a photo you are taking of yourself, independent of the situation.

A killfie, however, is a selfie that is possible causing your death. The term is a composition of the two words "kill" and "selfie" and is describing selfies taken in very dangerous situations in which you can die.

The typical killfies are sellfies on train tracks. There were many dead persons so far because they have not or have to late seen the coming train. But also selfies in front of canyons, within predator cages or even on the highway can quickly become a killfie.
2017-05-12 at 20:11

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