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Eclipse: Solve "Resource is out of sync with the file system" Error

Question by Anja Proggy | 2013-12-09 at 17:29

After some time, I have just opened one of my old projects in Eclipse. Unfortunately, I got the following error, when doing so:

Resource is out of sync with the file system

I do not know whether I have changed anything within the project. When I opened my project for the last time in Eclipse, all was okay. Does someone know what I can do?

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This error can occur whenever you have made changes on the directory or files of the project folder of Eclipse.

Try to click with the right mouse button on your project in the "Package Explorer" and then on "Refresh" (F5). This should work for you.

If you are often applying manual changes to your project folders in Eclipse, it can be helpful to go to "Window > Preferences > General > Workspace" in Eclipse and to activate the option "Refresh automatically" there. This should make Eclipse doing the refreshing automatically.
2013-12-09 at 18:15

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