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This portal deals with the basics and basic concepts of programming. It is about topics and questions regardless of a specific programming language.

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How long does it take to learn programming?

I would like to be able to program my own apps and applications, but so far, I have no idea of programming at all. What do you...

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Difference between Array and Record

At the moment, I am learning programming at school and I am just wondering what the difference between an array and a record...

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E-Mail: Reply Address different from Sender Address

Is it possible to write an e-mail having set another e-mail address as reply address differing from the address of the sender...

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Quicksort: Sort two Columns

I would like to sort a table using Quicksort. However, when doing so, I do not want to consider only one column, but two columns...

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Unicode Code Point of Non Breaking Space

Does the non-breaking space have an own Unicode Code Point or is the formatting...

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What is coming after Terabyte?

In ascending order, there are the units Byte, Kilobyte (KB), Megabyte (MB), Gigabyte (GB) and Terabyte (TB), we all know. With...

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Guest: There are no real random generators. All what these devices do is creating numbers that appear to be random. They use complex mathematical...

Question | How can a computer create random numbers?

Progger99: It all depends on what you want to do and on what level you want to program ultimately. On the Internet there are countless...

Question | How long does it take to learn programming?

Delphian: Indeed, an array as well as a record are providing the possibility to store data in it. However, there is one important difference: an...

Question | Difference between Array and Record

Stefan Trost: Yes, you can define an arbitrary reply address different from the e-mail address behind "From" in the header of the e-mail under...

Question | E-Mail: Reply Address different from Sender Address

Stefan Trost: There are some "stable" sorting algorithms such as Mergesort. With those algorithms it is possible to sort one column first and then the...

Question | Quicksort: Sort two Columns

MemoryMan: Yes. The non-breaking space has its own Unicode Code Point. Here is a small table: ...

Question | Unicode Code Point of Non Breaking Space

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Quicksort: Sort two Columns

Question | 1 Answer

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