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Firefox: What can I do if I can not save images from a website?

Question by Laura89 | 2013-08-19 at 23:39

If I see a picture on the Internet, I would like to have, usually it is very easy to save this image as a file on my hard drive. Either, I can click with the right mouse button on the image and select the option "Save As" or I simply drag and drop the image from the browser to a local folder and Firefox will do the rest for me.

But unfortunately, this procedure seems not to work on some websites and I do not know why. Either wron menu opens when clicking on the image or I cannot grab the picture with my mouse. Apparently, the operators or designers of that sites have put something transparent on the images, so that you do not have any access.

However, nevertheless, I would like to store some of those photos. Does anyone have an idea of how to trick it?

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Every image you can see in the browser can also be stored in some way. In most cases, the following should work for you:

  1. Click with the right mouse button onto an arbitrary free place (without images or something else) on the website and select the option "View Page Info".
  2. This will open the "Page Info" window. In this window, click on the tab "Media" at the top.
  3. In the tab "Media", you will see a list of all images and media that are visible on the current page. Certainly also the image that you want to save.
  4. Select the image that you want to save from the list and click on the button "Save As" under the list. 


On some web sites, right clicking the mouse button does not work or the menu with the "Page Info" option is not displayed. In this case, you can alternatively view the information page by using the small icon in the left of the address bar directly next to the text (usually a globe or a lock symbol). After clicking this icon, a small window will be displayed on which you can find the button "More Information". If you click on this button, you can also reach the "Page Info" window that you can perform the steps 2 to 4 from above.
2013-08-22 at 14:24

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