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H+ Symbol on Mobile Device although never subscribed to Internet Service

Question by Guest | 2014-08-29 at 09:51

I am a prepaid subscriber and I have never subscribed to an internet service through a mobile network. I understand you have to text a code to their network to activate that kind of service.

But one morning, I woke up and surprised to see a lot of new messages from my email on my phone. I turn off my wifi access before I sleep to preserve the battery life of my phone that's why I am surprised to see new messages. Then I noticed there is an H+ sign beside the mobile network icon.

What does this mean? Do mobile network providers turn on internet service without my knowledge? I checked my load balance, I was not charged.

What could this mean? Thanks.

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It is sounding like you have activated your Mobile Data by mistake. When turning off the Wifi, on my phone the buttons are ordered next to each other. So, maybe, you have activated the Mobile Data and so, the phone continued being on the Internet in the night. I had some of these problems, too.

The H+ sign is an indication that Mobile Data is activated, so I think it must have been activated somehow.

I don't know why you was not charged for this. But I could imagine that you have an amount of free data you can use each months (I know some contracts containing those things). So, if you stay under your limit, it could be for free. But, of course, I don't know your contract and your provider, so this is only an assumption. It could also be that you are charged later.
2014-08-29 at 12:55

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