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How many decimal places does Pi have?

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When entering the number Pi in my pocket calculator, I exactly get 9 decimal places displayed (3,141592654). Recently, my teacher told us that in reality, Pi is much longer than that and that there is not every digit shown in the calculator. After that, we have asked him how many decimal places Pi has, but he only went out of the way and he knew no answer.

Does someone of you know how long Pi actually is? I think this number is very interesting and I would gladly experience more about it.

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Pi is an irrational number, thereby it is endless and infinite long. Therefore, no one can tell you an exact number of decimal places for pi, because there are infinitely many.

Researchers, interested and scientists repeatedly have tried to calculate more and more digits of Pi. In the meantime, several trillions of digits are known without any repeating number sequence in it.

If you are interested, here you can find the first 1000 digits and here are the first 100000 decimal places of pi.
Last update on 2023-05-02 | Created on 2016-12-13

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