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HTML: Hide URL from Browser Address Bar

Question by Guest | 2016-01-12 at 21:33

I have a question regarding the display of links in the address bar of browsers. Considering, I have the website example.com and someone is clicking on a link, for example example.com/page.htm. In this case, I want that the browser address bar should still show example.com and not the address of this link.

Can someone tell me how to do that? I do not want to show any link of my page in the browser address bar to the user. Instead, the whole time, only the domain name should be displayed.

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One possibility is to use Frames for your website. The result would be that only the starting page, that is your domain name, would be displayed in the browser.

For example, you can do it in the following way:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Window Title</title>

<iframe src="index.htm">


Using the following CSS:

html, body, iframe {
  height: 100%;
  width: 100%;

With loading your page for the first time, "index.htm" will be loaded into the frame. The frame is set to 100% width and height so that the entire browser window will be filled.

If you know click on a link within the frame, this link will open within the frame again, so that the browser address bar will not change at all.

Important note: The whole thing is not good for bookmarks and search engines.
2016-01-14 at 22:10

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If you have good reasons to hide the link from the browser address bar, it is all okay.

However, I recommend to go without such manipulation. The first reason is that visitors cannot set bookmarks to your page anymore (it would only be possible for the starting page). The second reason is that a search engine can only properly work when also your sub pages can be found via proper and clear links. Also passing your URL or linking to your page on the Internet is unnecessary hampered by this.

If you want to make your URLs easier to read, for example if you want to make the URL example.com/topics.html available under example.com/topics, you should read the Tutorial Clearify URLs as an introduction.
2016-01-16 at 20:38

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Another possibility is to build your website on JavaScript and AJAX.

In this case, your starting page would be loaded at the beginning (its address will remain in the browser bar) and the rest of the page would be loaded dynamically depending on the user action and clicks.
2016-01-18 at 18:42

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